About GeckoFest:

geckofest was born with the aim of supporting and uplifting the local music scene in the Cape Peninsula. By creating this larger creative platform, it allows local musicians the chance to exhibit their talent, creativity and individuality to their local community and share that with other musicians. There are many performance venues in the Cape Peninsula but not a festival of this nature and size! Until now!! With this platform, geckofest aims to raise the bar for musicians and their music in the Cape Peninsula and broaden their exposure. We believe there is great music talent in the Deep South, let's hear it!

geckofest'09 is also a non-profitable event. It is organised in association with the Theron Foundation with the aim of raising capital to firstly make a direct contribution to the Theron Foundation and its projects, and secondly to fund and organize future initiatives such as these which will also contribute to the cause.

About the Theron Foundation:

The Theron Foundation is a non-profitable organisation with a heart for children and education. They believe education is the key to helping improve individuals' lives and ultimately help improve our nation.

By knowing more, one can do more and by doing more, one can achieve more.

What better place to invest time, effort and money than into the lives of the children of our country. After all, they are the future of South Africa.


The Theron Foundation was founded by three friends who believe in the principle of giving. They believe in giving back to their communities and fellow humans but want to do it in a structured way.

A way where they don't only contribute financially, but also in time, expertise and influence. A way where every penny goes the full distance. We, as privileged people, have far more to contribute towards someone's life other than just a couple of rand.

The Theron Foundation believes in the saying: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime!" The long-term mission of the Theron Foundation is to develop a self-sustaining organisation that is not only reliant on the contributions of others but that will be able to support and fund its independent initiatives and projects. geckofest'09 is the first initiative that is contributing to the Theron Foundation in this fashion and we thank you for being a part of it!!